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10 useful idioms related to boxing
Butterflies in your stomach
Demob happy
Doing one’s best
Double whammy
Food idioms
Going to the dogs
Holy cow!
Idioms about illness and recovery
Last minute
Playing your cards right
Seeing Red
Silver bullets and panaceas
Thinking outside the box
Under the aegis

Terrible Twosomes

Ability vs. Capacity
Aim to vs. aim at
Aerial vs. antennae
A post about problematic words. Or should that be problematical?
Agriculture vs. farming
Automated vs. automatic
Authoritative vs. authoritarian
Assess vs. evaluate
Assessment vs. Evaluation
Averse vs adverse
Believe vs. believe in
Benefit vs. profit
Bits and bytes
Briefly or shortly?
Brink vs. verge
Build vs. Build up
Call on vs call for
Cater to/cater for
Coherence vs. consistency
Combat, battle, fight
Compromise vs. compromise on
Cooking, cuisine and gastronomy
Crime vs. criminality
Cultivate or grow?
Deceptive vs deceitful
Dedicate vs. give up
Deduce vs. deduct
Digitisation vs. digitalisation
Disinformation, misinformation
Domestic vs national
Dose vs dosage
Dissatisfied vs. unsatisfied
Dubious or doubtful?
Flaunting your assets
Free vs. free up
Ecology or environment?
Efficient or effective?
End vs end up
Forums or fora?
Give up vs. give up on
Hatred vs. hate
Herbs, spices and seasoning
Hire, rent or lease?
Hone or home in on?
Human vs. Humane
Keen on vs. Keen to
I’m willing to do it, I’m wanting to do it!
Improve vs improve on
Legal or judicial?
Lethal, deadly or fatal?
Like, just like
Little or small?
Loan vs. credit
Look up to vs. look up at
Make sure vs. Ensure
Marine vs. maritime
Medicines, medication, drugs
Motor vs. engine
Motto vs. Slogan
Notion vs. Concept
Novel vs. innovative
Nowadays, these days, now and today
Nutritional vs nutritious
‘On time’ vs ‘in time’
Outsourcing and offshoring
Peculiar, particular
People or person?
Participate, take part, partake
Plaintiff, claimant or applicant?
Pitiful and shameful
Politics vs policy
Power vs. electricity
Possible vs. potential
Postpone vs delay
Predict vs. forecast
Pre-emptive vs. preventative
Proposal vs. proposition
Produce or manufacture?
Prone to, susceptible, likely, liable
Proved or Proven
Provocative vs. provoking
Provisional vs. Temporary
Recover vs. Restore
Relics vs. Remains
Rent vs. rental
Rightly or wrongly
Second Thoughts
She has an infectious laugh (or should that be ‘contagious’?)
Shortly vs. Briefly
Severe vs. serious
Shedding some light
Sick and tired
Social vs. societal
Store, stock, stockpile
Substantial vs substantive
Suffering vs sufferance
Supply vs provide
Sweet and savoury
Take on, take over
Tertiary, higher education
Think of vs. think about
Trend vs. tendency
Unashamed vs shameless
Uninterested vs disinterested
Unwieldy vs. cumbersome
Verge, brink
Work vs. works

Modern Usage

Cup of coffee vs. coffee cup
‘Good wishes for the new year’
Improving your formal register
Larks and owls
Nonplussed, table
Sentence vs. tariff
Synonyms for old
The prefix a-
The whole of Europe
Interesting and important
Whipping boy
On the contrary
‘Very huge’

How to talk about…

A fun post about housing
A long time
Arab, Arabic, Arabian
BC or BCE, AD or CE
Being stubborn
Being upbeat
Boring and stodgy
Canary down the mine
Candidates and office holders
Deforestation vs. clearance
Deteriorating relationships
Doing one’s best
Expressing agreement
Expressing opinion
Finance and finances
Filter bubble vs. Echo chamber
Food and cooking in American and British English
Forms of address in oral speech
Fossil fuel micro-glossary
Heal, cure
How to talk about…making a start
How to talk about…setting goals
How to talk about…time
Insolvency vs bankruptcy
In the market, on the market
Is a country referred to as ‘she’ or ‘it’?
It’s not my cup of tea
It’s the economy, stupid.
Memory and remembrance
Negative impact
No news is good news
Phrases containing ‘en’ and ‘de’
Prison sentences
Prospecting for oil
Odd, weird, strange, bizarre
Sacking, firing, making redundant
Saving money
Seafarers, seamen, sailors and mariners
Sticking to your guns
Support, oppose
Something fishy
Tabloids and broadsheets
The great Brexit debacle
UK’s education system
Understate, Overstate
Vaccine, vaccinations
Voting on elections
Voting on proposals


Agree to, agree on, agree with
A quiz about ‘if’ clauses
A quiz about percentages
A quiz about provisional and temporary
A quiz about storing, stocking and stockpiling
Boxing idioms quiz
Historic vs historical quiz
Person vs. people quiz
That’s the way I like it!
Which or what?

Syntax Intro

Syntax exercises

Agree to, agree on, agree with
Aim to vs. aim at
Answer, answer to, answer for
As you mentioned…
‘As’ or ‘Like’
Assure, ensure, insure
Bearing, bearing up, bearing with me
Believe vs. believe in
Compare with vs. compared to
Compromise vs. compromise on
Different from, different to, different than
Double object verbs
Fear of vs. fear for
Food or foods?
Give up vs. give up on
Go back on, go back to
Helping and contributing
If + which tense?
In a few weeks, after a few weeks
Increase by, increase from, increase in
Kind of, sort of, type of
Let, allow
Look up to vs. look up at
Making a start
Made of, from, out of..?
Political parties: ‘the’ or no ‘the’?
Position of ‘also’ in a sentence
Recommend, advise etc…
Start from vs. start with
Subject-verb agreement (with ‘to be’)
Subject/verb agreement with time, distance, money, weight
The definite article, part 1(superlatives, ordinals)
The definite article – part 2 (countries)
The definite article, part 3 – next and last
The definite article, part 4 – decades and years
The definite article – part 5 (continents and oceans)
The definite article – part 6
The definite article – part 7 (acronyms)
The prefix a-
Treat like, treat as
Try and vs. try to
Used to x 3
Word order in questions

Pronunciation Intro

Minimal Pairs

Body or buddy?
Hat or hut?
Minimal pairs with ‘oo’
To live or to leave?


2-syllable heteronyms beginning with D and E
2 syllable heteronyms beginning with O, P
2-syllable heteronyms starting with I
2 syllable heteronyms starting with R and S
2 syllable heteronyms starting with T-Z
2-syllable heteronyms up to C

Words that are hard to pronounce

a- prefix (amoral)
Famous figures from Ancient Rome
Faster than a speeding bullet
Oh no! How do you pronounce cocoa?
Pronunciation of Ancient Greek names
Pronouncing -sw at the beginning of a word
Pronouncing classical composers
Pronouncing country names and demonyms
Pronouncing country names and capital cities (starting with A)
Pronouncing country names and demonyms starting with B
Pronouncing ‘h’ in the middle of a word
Pronouncing the letter ‘s’ between two vowels
Pronouncing the sound ‘uli’ (peculiar)
Pronunciation of Roman deities
Silent h
Silent t
Weary vs. wary
Words containing the ‘ult’ sound (culture)
Words containing the ‘ur’ sound (‘urban’)
Words ending in -atory
Words ending in -ysis
Words starting in ‘sm’

Production of English


A gap filling exercise about Ukraine
An exercise to help you talk about tragedies
Announcing your resignation
A short exercise to practise phrases meaning ‘begin’
An exercise to help you talk about time pressure
Expressing opposition or limitation
Gap fill Ukraine part 1
Gap fill Ukraine part 2
Humanitarian aid gap fill
Improvisation exercise (criticism)
Oil extraction improvisation exercise
Reformulation exercise Boris Johnson
Reformulation Boris Johnson 2
Gap filling exercise about UK elections

Eng>Eng exercises

An exercise to help you choose between efficient and effective
Cost of living gap fill
Cybersecurity crossword
Education for girls fill in the blanks
Gene editing gap fill
Goal-setting exercise
Housing gap fill
Islamic art fill in the blanks
Labour and the elections gap fill
Liz Truss gap fill
Point out
Rosebank oil fields gap fill
Salami technique exercise
Shell windfall tax reformulation exercise

Skills Intro


Expressing percentages

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