E4T fake news module
1 listening exercise with questions to test your understanding of the speech
1 listening exercise focused on your understanding of typical English idioms
1 reading comprehension to help you work on nuances
1 multiple choice reading comprehension
1 vocabulary/nuance exercise to deepen your understanding of alternatives for the word ‘lie’
3 tailor-made practice speeches by different authors, covering essential vocabulary: fake news, disinformation, and free speech (about gab.com). Subtitles and full transcript are included.
3 carefully selected real-life speeches (with guidance to help you tackle them successfully) on ‘online harms and disinformation’ (from the British Parliament), fake videos of real people (TED talk), and how fake news is spread (TEDx)
Exposure to British, American, and Thai accents
Glossary templates in Excel containing key terminology about fake news, miscellaneous vocabulary gathered from all the practice speeches, and a section with basic definitions
A list of useful resources to expand your knowledge and vocabulary further
Checklists and progress trackers to keep you motivated!
Contact Information
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