E4T order form circular economy

Module contents:

  • 1 reading comprehension to help you work on reformulation
  • 1 combined listening & simultaneous exercise to work on analysis and vocabulary
  • 1 note-taking exercise to help you take notes more visually
  • 1 reformulation exercise for English Bs
  • Exposure to British, Czech, Irish, Rwandan, Nigerian, Flemish, Greek, Japanese, Australian, and Indian accents.
  • 3 tailor-made practice speeches by different authors, covering essential vocabulary: Red Nose Day, recycling packaging, and the circular economy through the ages. Subtitles and full transcripts are available.
  • 3 carefully selected real-life speeches (with guidance to help you tackle them successfully) on the circular economy and the sustainability of plastics
  • Glossary templates in Excel containing key terminology about the gig economy, miscellaneous vocabulary gathered from all the practice speeches, idiomatic phrases, and a section with basic definitions.
  • A list of useful resources to expand your knowledge and vocabulary further
  • Checklists and progress trackers to keep you motivated!
E4T Circular economy module
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