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The FULL collection of Consecutive Clinic self-paced modules is available here with a HUGE discount: 45% off!

Each module will take you around 1-2 hours to work through, and contains:

– intro video

– warm-up exercise or speech

– main practice speech (approx 4-6 mins)

– homework speech

– images of my notes for comparison purposes (NOT as a model! 😉)

– symbol brainstorming

Here is the list of topics:

  • separation of ideas
  • SVO word order
  • SVO (sentence openers)
  • SVO (‘O’ position)
  • logical connectors
  • time links
  • structural markers
  • attribution
  • lists
  • notes to self
  • figures
  • openings
  • quotations
  • abstract material
  • technical jargon
  • idioms
  • speed
  • thematic module: finance
  • thematic module: energy
  • thematic module: human rights
  • thematic module: humanitarian aid

BONUS: Since I’m now doing a second round of Consecutive Clinic on the same topics, I’m writing new speeches and adding them to existing modules.

This means that if you purchase the ‘separation of ideas’ module, for example, it will contain 6 speeches, not 3!

Consecutive Clinic Collection
Full collection of 21 modules of Consecutive Clinic with a 45% discount!

Each module contains an intro video, a warm-up exercise, main speech, bonus speech, symbol brainstorming exercise, and Sophie's notes if you're interested in seeing how someone else has taken down the ideas.
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